Scandal: A Polish Holocaust denier awarded with Jan Karski Humanitarian Award in New York!

As we have been informed today, Ewa Kurek, a so called historian and researcher of the Polish-Jewish relatinships, but in reality a Holocaust denier will be awarded with Jan Karski Humanitarian Award in New York in few days. It is hard to express the state of shock and frustration we are in at the moment as the people of democratic Poland and the world.

We must do anything in our power to stop this outrageous act which reverses the sense of the Jan Karski Award and degrades the memory of Jan Karski, a real war hero and a fighter for the truth. We call upon all of you, our friends in Poland and the world, to protest against this nomination. It is a disgrace and a spit in the face of everyone who stands for Holocaust truth in Poland and around the world.

What is even more appalling is that the Award will be handed to Ewa Kurek and two other people on the 18th of April – one day before the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by the Polish Consulate in New York and The Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee consisting of members of the New York branch of the Polish American Conngress.

Ewa Kurek is infamous in Poland for her books and lectures in which she claims that Jews collaborated with Nazis in creating Ghetos in Poland in order to have their own autonomous states, with their own governments, schools and police, and that Jews were having fun in the Ghettos while the Polish people were starving and fighting for freedom. She also claims that Jewish law allows Jews to sacrifice their children in order to save their own life and that no one is blamed fot that. Se says that Jewish culture excludes them from a civilised cultures of the christian west and they are nothing more but a parasite.

Untill the Law and Justice came to power in 2015 her lectures were happening on the fringes of the Polish public debate limited to provincial churches and youtube videos. Now she is being portreyed as the voice of historical truth and is about to be awarded by a very dear and important award to the Polish democratic society. It is a disgraceful attack on the truth and democracy.

Jan Karski was a true Polish war hero. He is known for letting himself be sent to Auschwitz camp voluntarily only to later escape the camp and report what he saw to the western public opinion and American government. He reported on the situation of the Polish Jews, the Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto. After the war he remained in the USA and for 40 years was a professor at the Georgetown University. Among his students was Bill Clinton. He is recognised as the Righteous Among The Nations.

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The wife of late Jan Karski said:

I express my immense indignation, but above all, my disagreement with granting the Humanitarian Prize to them. Jan Karski for Ewa Kurek. I am – according to Jan Karski’s last will – the only executor of Jan Karski’s will and the only owner of all intellectual property after him.

Professor Jacek Leociak commented:

This is an absolute scandal that the person who says that the ghettos were autonomous provinces gets the Jan Karski Award, which in such a dramatic way told the world about the macabre of life in the ghetto.


It is hard to imagine in what new ways will the new right wing Polish government choose to disgrace the memory of the Holocaust victims in Poland and the efforts of many Polish heros, historians and journalists in unvailling the truth about the Holocaust. We must stand strong and protest against these hideous deeds.

Rafał Betlejewski and Medium Publiczne.

PS: As we now learn the ceremony in New York was canceled due to common outrage. The Award though was not.

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