Poland Calling! – an independent voice from Poland in English

Medium#Publiczne is a new media organization created by people willing to fight for fundamental democratic values in Poland in the face of the new nationalistic reality in our country. Polish public media – playing such a major role in shaping the public’s imagination – has been taken over by the nation’s leading political party and is being transformed into a propaganda tube. Like in the times of Solidarity and the communist regime, we are the opposition.

Medium#Publiczne (English translation: public#medium) was started in September 2015 by a group of professional journalists in the wake of a new nationalistic era in Polish politics. The leading people in the process were Ewa Wanat and Rafal Betlejewski, both working, at the time, with Polish Public Radio. #MP operates as a non-profit foundation and is being financed only through the public’s voluntary donation. That’s you! There are no ads and no political party can claim any influence on this project. Our team is comprised of only volunteers, among whom are people with extensive experience such as University professors and social activists, young and energetic people. With us are important members of the national discussion on crucial gender issues and racial minorities dominating our nation’s concerns today. The diversity our team presents is essential to address the full spectrum of the forces that influence our lives daily.

Our goal is to promote free independent journalism, open debate, education, human and democratic values. We want to set a high standard of public service in journalism: working for a mission and not for money… for values and not for political gain.

Today we operate a growing website, live radio with a podcast channel and youtube channel. Soon we will start broadcasting TV with Publiczna 2.0 – and all of that is still voluntary work.


Poland Calling! – an independent voice from Poland in English

The host of the show Poland Calling! is, quite surprisingly, Tamir Halperin – an Israeli Jew, who lived in the US and Canada, who now claims his Polish identity and feels at home in Warsaw – the city of his ancestors. He wants to talk to different people around the world to help our supporters understand how global politics and ideas influence our choices.

Wesprzyj #Medium

Here you have an opening discussion between Tamir and Rafał. Inspired by the 73d anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, they talk about the Jewish-Polish identity and how it has transformed from what it was before the last century, through stages that brought about the current state of Israel and all the extenuating impact on the middle east and on Poland as well. It’s a radio podcast.

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FYI, not one of us at Medium#Publiczne receives a salary. All work is voluntary.

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